The Shouting Cave - Released today!

Well it's a wonderfully exciting day for us, our debut album 'The Shouting Cave' is out now!

It's been an emotional rollercoaster, and there were times where it looked like it might not happen, but thanks to a lot of support from some amazing people we finally got there!

You can buy the physical album from our store page, or a digital copy from itunes.   And if you're mmming and ahhing you can stream the whole thing on release day via artrocker.

A few significant thank you's -

Firstly to Creative Scotland without whose generous funding this would not have been possible!

Jamie Savage our producer whose tender care and patience moulded our ideas into a beautiful final work. 

Jo Mango for lending her wonderful and delicate voice to the album.

All the people who helped out on our video projects - in particular Malcolm Sutherland, Freya Jeffs, James Stewart and our very own Stephen!

All the blogs, magazines and radio shows who cared enough to share our music with the world!

And everyone who supported us through the journey!