A Summer gig break

Firstly we'd all like to say a massive thanks to Admiral Fallow for having us open for them the other night!  They (and Open Swimmer) were on top form and it was, as Admiral Fallow themselves said, a special evening for all involved that it was wonderful to be able to contribute to in a small way! It's been a crazy and inspiring last 12 months or so! We've managed to self release an EP, Tour the UK, generally thrown all we had to give at our music and to finish on such a high was very satisfying. 

We're going to be taking a few months off before our next gig.  We'll still have various things both creative and logistical going on. Most importantly we're heading for a secluded cottage on the west coast for some (For Emma Forever Ago style) song writing sessions which we've been looking forward to for a while now.  I think people forget sometimes what a massive effort it is for an unsigned band to gig regularly. You are: Promoter, Booker, Roadie and Musician (sometimes also sound engineer) over the whole course of building up to an event.  It's so draining which is why when you get a really special night, which we've been lucky enough to have a couple of recently, it means so much and it is the central thing that (at least for me) gets you through the tough moments!

Thanks to all our friends and fans for sticking by us! Our Glasgow crowds particularly, recently have been very encouraging and we really do appreciate it.  We'll do out best to keep putting on special evenings with a bit of something different so that they continue to be enjoyable nights out.

There’ll be various pics and feedback etc appearing on the FB page soon but for now I wish you all a pleasant Wednesday!

Thanks again,

Dunc et al! x