US Blog Day 4 - Woodstock and Warming by the Fire

So what was meant to be a rest/tourism day in our original schedule was turned into a trip to the ‘Revive the Roots’ Festival. Our own mini Woodstock. HanDam showed off her archery skills while I chatted with the local blacksmith and then we sampled some very pleasant spiced Cider. There was plenty of confusion as to what was going on ad when and a broken generator finally conscribed us to playing a shortened set acoustically sitting at the front of the stage. We showed the man we don’t need no electricity!

It was time to say goodbye to our lovely RI friends and headed back to our Boston HQ. Our friends there had organised a little living room house concert. The fire was lit, promptly filled the room with smoke, then sorted out and music commenced.  We played what has become our customary set but managed to squeeze in a cover of Admiral Fallow’s Four Bulbs (You’re welcome Louis & co!). Various other friends played a few songs and the show soon evolved into a very enjoyable jam session banging out quite a few Bon Iver + Postal Service tunes to name but a few.

So tomorrow is apparently the leading edge of a hurricane and the venue we’re playing in Shelburne Falls has already warned of possible closure.  So if there’s no blog tomorrow.... know that I loved you dearly for taking the time to read this tour blog!