US Tour Blog - Days 2 & 3 - Wastelands to Whisky

Our second day stateside involved quite a lot of practising with a brief foray into  Boston to stroll along the waterfront and eat a pistachio Cannoli that was mostly cream and included 10^9 calories... mmmm. Our first gig at the Roots cafe in Providence RI was a little weird. We followed up 2 hours of country music and the sound man was me... at 11pm on not enough sleep. Fail!

Day 3 however has been an intensely pleasant affair. We took a trip down to Newport to get acquainted with the ridiculous mansions. The sunshine eclipsed that of the last 10 Scottish summers we got ourselves a frozen lemonade and picnicked by the sea! Soon it was time to head to our evening engagement in Kingston RI so HanDam was brought up to speed on the TP driving tradition of Shag Marry Push off a cliff.

At the gig we met a lovely band called piecewise who rocked the coffee shop in the RI uni student union. We decided to play fully acoustic (no PA) against the backdrop of another (really loud) gig a few rooms away but we had a really lovely crowd who just moved in closer to listen.  The 193 coffeehouse was definitely one of my favourite gigs in a long time and we’ve been asked to play at a small outdoor fundraiser tomorrow on the back of it.  If we keep getting offered gigs we might never need to go home!  Later at Hannah’s friend’s house we were treated to an artisan Bourbon selection that has definitely adversely affected this piece of prose but has positively affected my disposition towards life!