US Tour Blog - Day 1... Jetlag!

So after a 5AM (UK time) rise for a 9AM flight which via New York got me to Boston for 10 PM (UK Time) I was fairly shattered! Hannah picked me up at the airport and we arrived at our home for the first couple of days, a lovely 3 story Victorian house belonging to Hannah’s sister + brother in law who took us out to Dinner at one of Boston’s (apparently ubiquitous) Irish bars.  I managed to stay up till 9pm local time having clocked up a 21 hour day!

I awoke the next morning (initially at 4AM but then returned to sleep till 8) to lovely sunshine but after breakfast on the porch we descended into the darkness of our practise studio in the basement to get to work.  My jet lag was pretty intense and my energy levels low. Hannah, however was on good form and we quickly got a good set of songs up to speed for our first gig in Providence.  Sadly we didn’t manage any site seeing other than to a stereotypical massive US grocery store to buy some supplies to get us through the first few days of our trip!  After a last run through to an audience of the various members of the house I again took a relatively early night at around 10PM to be fresh as a daisy for gig no1! :-)